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The Help ’Em Up Harness with “Hip Lift", is a breakthrough harness option for anyone working in the veterinary profession that is lifting dogs on a daily basis, or owners who are trying to manage beloved pets who are recovering from injuries or surgery. This harness is a complete shoulder and hip harness system, and significantly reduces the load on the handler, thus preventing injury both to the pet and the handler.

  • Provides support required to help your pet stand, walk, negotiate stairs, and get in and out of vehicles safely.
  • Ideal for pets following multi-limb trauma or surgery, spinal injury or surgery, multi-joint osteoarthritis, degenerative myelopathy, fibrocartilaginous embolism.

Design Features:

  • The Help 'Em Up is designed to stay on your dog for extended periods of time 
  • The handles are positioned where you can quickly reach them
  • Constructed of neoprene, the harness is buoyant and perfect for use in water. Straps and areas of friction are covered with neoprene sleeves and soft  micro fleece.
  • The “Hip Lift” half consists of a belly band, support straps and a movable pelvic pad that spreads weight over multiple surfaces. 


Weight   4.5-11.3kg11.4-20.4kg20.4-36.3kg36.4-56.7kg56.8-102kg
Neck      20.3-58.4cm25.4-66cm30.5-81.3cm40.6-91.4cm45.7-96.5cm
Chest    25.4-68.6cm25.4-96.5cm40.6-111.8cm50.8-162.6cm76.2-127.2cm
Waist     25.4-55.9cm35.6-76.2cm50.8-109.2cm55.9-119.4cm66-142cm
Colour*   Red Green Orange Blue Gold 

*All colours come with black and gray accents 

SKU: 03L TAGS: Multi-Limb Rehab, Spinal Injury, Myelopathy, Fibrocartilaginous embolism, osteoarthritis

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